Estate Planning

I view estate planning as preparing your life plan, a plan for your life.  Decisions you made ten years ago or even one year ago, may not be the right decision now.

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Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

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Business Succession

How will you pass along your business when you're ready? Do you know who will get it, or how, or even how to go about this process? I can help.

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Asset Protection

Next to family your assets are probably the most important part of your life. How do you make sure they go to the right people at the right time? I can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Since 1993

Our cycle of life is similar to New England seasons.

Spring represents our youth - learning about our world, travelling the world, deciding where to spend our lives, and finding what suites us.

Summer is the period around our late twenties. We're developing careers, getting married, having children, and accumulating wealth. We may also be incurring large expenses such as a house, maybe a vacation home, paying for our children’s college education and weddings.

In the autumn time of our lives we’re coming off our peak earning years and maybe slowing down. Maybe we’re changing careers into a dream career and starting to enjoy our grandchildren and hobbies.

Winter is when we enjoy our grandchildren, enjoy our success and that of our children. Often it’s a time when we feel our mortality and realize the importance of having our affairs in order.

In every season of life, we need to have a trusted advisor. Someone who is willing to take the time to get to know you, your family, your short and long term goals, and your desires. That’s why I approach estate planning as a holistic business plan for life.

My goal is getting to know you first, working with you to gain your trust, and then preparing the right plan for you. I’ll visit your home to work with you and your family so you’ll gain the peace of mind the comes with knowing your family is protected.

Tina has been Boston Magazine's Five Star Award Winner since 2011.